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Handmade Boots at a Comfortable Price

With more than 50 years in the western wear business under their belt, Cavender’s knows a bit about making high quality boots and how to make them at a great price. To honor their iconic founder, James R. Cavender, JRC & Sons Bootmakers is now a brand of its own, creating the finest handmade boots available at comfortable prices.
   James believed going above and beyond for customers was just the right way to do things. He had an incredible work ethic and drive to succeed. He could spot real quality and true value in goods from a mile away. JRC & Sons’ boots are handmade and hand lasted, creating the true level of quality that only hands-on craftsmanship can deliver. The finest quality leathers from around the world make up a collection of several traditional western and roper styles with exclusive hand-corded stitch patterns. Lemonwood pegs and steel shanks are used for lasting strength and durability. Leather covered insoles and premium leather-lined shafts are used for an extra level of comfort and wearability.  
   JRC & Sons has expanded the collection to include belts, wallets and duffle bags.  

Behind the Collection

The look of JRC & Sons’ boots is timeless and authentic, with a nod to a man who expected the best and wanted the best for others.
   James Cavender built real, lasting relationships with his customers, the surrounding communities and friends in the Western industry. He built the family business from one little Western shop in Pittsburg, Texas to more than 85 stores across the country.
   Despite that growth, the company has stayed true to its roots of hard work, business savvy, treating folks right and, above all, family. Today, James and wife Pat’s three sons—Joe, Mike and Clay—run the day-to-day business. They’ve identified things in this world that are timeless and put them to work. Whether it’s maintaining a tight-knit family, being a good steward of their resources, treating their employees and customers right or selling something that everyone wants, they stick with what works.
   JRC & Sons boots are patterned after the styles worn by the cowboys who rode the trails of the old west and are classy enough to wear to the board room. Find yours at our Stockyards location or www.Cavenders.com.


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Clay, Joe & Mike Cavender with father and founder, James R. Cavender

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Whether you’ve been wearing them your whole life or are looking for your very first pair, JRC & Sons believe everyone deserves great-looking boots.

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Boots by JRC & Sons are timeless and created for anyone with a little independent spirit.