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Family-owned Cavender’s was founded over fifty years ago in the heart of Texas ranch country, from a desire to share the Cavender family’s love of the western lifestyle with others. In December 2016, a partnership with the well-known Luskey’s/Ryon’s Western Store brought Cavender’s into the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District. With this partnership, Cavender’s added a new concept western store, stocking merchandise for downtown tourists, locals and existing Luskey’s/Ryon’s customers. When they see the renovations and the attention to every detail, customers are glad they made the trip to the historic location.


What Can Customers Expect from the Family Owned Stores?

     “Fort Worth is like a second home to me,” explained Clay Cavender. “We’ve always wanted to be in the Stockyards. This was the most unique project we’ve ever undertaken and we pulled out all the stops with unique, but rustic décor.” He explained that when the store was redesigned, there was no detail left to chance. Cavender’s was careful to remain historically accurate on the exterior of the century-old structure, as Luskey’s/Ryon’s transformed to become Cavender’s Stock Yards Outfitter. 

     Additionally, he said, “The Cavender’s Stock Yards logo was carefully hand painted on the antique bricks in an old-fashioned-western flair. Reclaimed lumber was used for the window shutters and designed in an early 1900s style, including the hardware.” 

     Clay also noted that the original entry on North Main Street was re-opened as an additional entry to the store. Through the doors, Clay’s own custom designed furnishings can be seen where special details are applied throughout the interior including reclaimed wood flooring and vintage western décor.


What Else Will Customers Find? 

     Famous for stocking vast selections of boots, jeans, shirts, hats and belts for men, women and kids, Cavender’s Stock Yards has a large product offering, but with a more specialized boutique-twist, including some exclusive products. Cavender’s continues to offer the custom-made boot selection that the Luskey’s are known for providing. Go by and experience “The Boot Room”! 


About The Cavender Family

     Started in 1965 in Pittsburg, Texas, by James and his wife, Pat, the iconic western wear chain, Cavender’s, has grown to more than 80 stores in 12 states. Despite that growth, the company has stayed true to its roots of hard work, treating folks right, business savvy and, above all, family. Today, James and Pat’s three sons—Joe, Mike and Clay—run the business. Clay says, “If you look back through time, there’s a look that is always cool and that’s a pearl snap shirt and a pair of cowboy boots... Everybody has a pair of cowboy boots in their wardrobe. The hat is iconic, but not everybody has one. Everybody has a pair of cowboy boots and a good pair of jeans and a pearl snap shirt.” 

     Really, that’s where the Cavender’s success lies, they’ve identified things in this world that are timeless and put them to work for them. Whether it’s maintaining a tight-knit family, being a good steward of their resources, treating their employees and customers right, or selling something that everyone wants, they stick with what works. James Cavender’s legacy in the western wear community and his family’s decades-long commitment to serving the Texas western industry made them a natural fit for induction in the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame in January 2019.

     In addition to the Cavender’s Stockyards location, there are 9 Metroplex Cavender’s stores, including the newest store on Stemmons Frwy. Visit a store today, or shop online at